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27 Jun 17, 01:56
my in laws and my parents don't know i'm Buddhist and that my partner is atheist. but they have never asked what i believe in. I let them talk about their faith but they never ask me mine so am i in the wrong by not telling them?

27 Jun 17, 02:38
As buddhist practice, we focus on not harming others & not causing conflict rather than egoistically asserting our personal beliefs. As buddhists, we have nothing to prove, defend or assert since our faith/trust in buddhism is personal. For example, in buddhism, it is considered wrong to try to covert others to buddhism against their will. In the buddhist scriptures, it is taught buddhism is only taught to those who request it or wish for it.

Therefore, there is no need to share your buddhism with your parents or in-laws if you believe that will upset them & cause them to get angry. For example, I never share buddhism with my family (who are not religious).

However, if a situation arises where you must say something, just say something understated, such as: "I have taken an interest in some meditation practises" or "Buddhist ethics".

If they ask things such as: "Do you believe in reincarnation?"; just reply either: "No" if you don't believe or: "This is something I cannot know for certain to be true" if you do believe in reincarnation.

Never criticise their religion. It is not buddhist practice to criticise another person's religion (even though buddhists may do this between themselves occasionally, such as on this chat site).

In the scriptures, it is reported the Buddha peacefully co-existed with the other religions because the Buddha understood different people have different dispositions.


23 Jul 17, 05:20
Very nice post. Element.

23 Jul 17, 09:42
Thanks Gaedheal :peace: