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05 Mar 11, 14:07
Sorry I missed my intro post before posting to other threads...but here it is.

I am very new to Buddhism. I have been reading books and reading online for the past few months. I have not spoken face to face with a Buddhist about the subject. So I am slowly wading into the practice.

There is so much to learn, and from what I tell (like any internet source info) there is also a lot of filtering that must be done. I am trying to be very careful not to filter too much or too little (the middle way). That is one reason I have not sought a face to face relationship. I worry it be a strong force to take a certain direction.

As for the why I am seeking the path? I have been somewhat successful in life, and now in my mid-40s have accomplished more than I ever dreamed (I am not a big dreamer). I started to become more concerned with losing what I have accumulated than living life. Then the question hit me...is this it? I felt there had to be more and starting looking for it, and that search has brought me to the Buddha.

I am married and my wife is not presently seeking the path with me. I am sure I will have some questions for others who may have a similar situation and how they handled some of the issues I am sure will arise. Right now she is taking a wait and see position, but does have a small interest.

Thanks for reading.

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Hi NoRegrets!

Be wellcome to the Forum. ;D

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Welcome to the group, NR ! ;D