View Full Version : Early Buddhism and Secular Buddhism

09 May 17, 07:57
A 12 minute video from secular buddhist Doug Smith. Comments welcome if you've watched it.


09 May 17, 13:35
I would say that that is an excellent introduction to early Buddhism, and how it relates to later developments in various parts of the world, and to secular Buddhism.

09 May 17, 21:24
Although I don't particularly identify with the Secular Buddhist organisation itself, I think the video is definately worth watching.


10 May 17, 01:48
I have been starting to have a change of heart about Secular Buddhism.

I think it is good for a school of Buddhism to appear that is overtly 'secular' (rather than all of the diplomacy that goes on in those schools & lineages who try to be pure but who often have to concede to their lay benefactors).

Ajahn Buddhadasa did not create a Western lineage so Secular Buddhism may become a strong school.


10 May 17, 02:53
Thanks for the link / reference, Aloka. Since I have recently moved from Theravadan practice to a more secular practice, this channel will give me more material to review and study.

I agree with the author that the early suttas are valuable for general Buddhist study and spend less time deifying The Buddha than those found in the sutras of later traditions, which did not exist while Gotama Buddha was alive.

Thanks again,


10 May 17, 13:05
The film was insightful. So often we tend to follow tradition without question.