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25 Apr 17, 05:46
During meditation practice, the chin always drifts upward, head towards the sky. Has been this way for years but am learning now that chin should be slightly tucked. Should this be a concern or can anyone offer suggestions on correction?

25 Apr 17, 10:00
It depends on whether the mind is aware (silent - awake) or not.

If the mind is lost in thought, the chin drifting up can be indicative of such unawareness; similar to nodding if falling asleep.

However, if the mind is aware, possibly the chin drifting up is a natural movement of the body/nervous system that adjusts itself so it can breath better or purify itself better (by opening up the throat passage more).

Also, possibly the spine is not straight & not at ease so the body is compensating by drifting the chin up.

Care must be taken with establishing rigid meditation postures (such as chin tucked in) because this can block the natural flow of consciousness & purification.

What is important is for the mind to be quietly aware.

If the chin drifts up, just be aware of it & subtly investigate the breathing & comfort nuances (while letting go!).


25 Apr 17, 10:48
I have had a lot of problems with my neck, probably because of posture when working long hours writing, using a computer, and so on.

The advice I was given by my doctor was to sit with my chin tucked in slightly, to seat the bones of the neck properly. Too tucked in restricts the breath and unseats the joints again., chin up unseats the joints the other way.

When starting formal meditation I was taught to find the right balance for the head and neck after finding a comfortable straight spine position, by gently moving the head left and right, forwards and backwards. The chin tuck finished this stage off.