View Full Version : A Buddhist Perspective on Sex

17 Mar 17, 17:40

Noah Levine talks for just over 20 minutes.


Any comments about what he has to say in the video ?


18 Mar 17, 02:10
I personally did not hear anything in the video that related to the 'pure Buddhism' of the suttas Noah appeared to keep referring to. For example, I am not aware of any sutta teachings about "sex & intimacy", despite Noah asserting there were "so many".

There are many teachings in the Pali suttas about the ideal qualities for a successful relationship however to my knowledge none of these refer to sex itself or refer to non-attachment in relation to sex.

Since the suttas (MN 38) state 'delight in feelings is attachment', all sex is basically a form of attachment (thus it appears impossible to have sex without attachment).

There is no evidence the Buddha was a sexual "liberal" and I have never read any teachings about "consenting adults" because, apart from the rich (gods) who had concubines & multiple wives, the suttas generally only mention wholesome sex in the context of husbands & wives.

That the Sigalovada Sutta states: (i) parents are to arrange a suitable marriage for their children and; (ii) a 'libertine' is a 'ruinous dangerous evil companion'; shows Noah's perspective in the video appear to be his own personal perspective rather than anything 'Buddhist'.

I considered the continued emphasis on "connecting" was not particularly Buddhist because the term 'connecting', to me, has the flavour of 'getting' from a position of inadequacy rather than 'giving' from a position of strength. The suttas emphasise 'giving' ('caga') in relationship rather than 'getting' or 'connecting'.

The suttas emphasise relationship of two people sharing mutual goals rather than 'connecting with sex', which sounded like mere 'copulation'.