View Full Version : Recall autosave feature

09 Mar 17, 15:29
Just want to point out the recall autosave function.

I was writing a long post, and for some reason my browser decided to fail, exercising anicha. I had noticed, when writing posts, from time to time, the text-box flashes a yellow "autosave" in the lower right corner.

What I didn't was how to recall this autosave. But found out and want to share it.

When I restarted my browser, clicked on the same post I was answering, then in the textbox, where you type, in the lower left corner you'll find a grey "restore autosaved content" button.

Much typing saved, and experiencing happiness.


09 Mar 17, 16:16
Thank you very much for sharing your discovery, Doshin. I hadn't known about it myself !


09 Mar 17, 17:41
Yes indeed, thank you Doshin for drawing attention to this feature.

The autosave operates every 60 seconds, so if there's a crash or if you inadvertently close the browser, you might not get back the last sentence you wrote. But the system certainly will restore anything in the reply box that is more than 60 seconds old.

I'm pleased that it worked for you and you didn't lose your post. ;)