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28 Jan 17, 09:52
Hello all,

i will try to explain my doubt...

In my life i am a very "explosive" person and nervous, this is my main reason that i find that the only way to help myself is with buddhism and mindfullness. I'm much better already now in my almost 40 years old than back in my 20's...but i still have a long way.

After doing everyday meditation for almost a month now, i try to be mindful with my thoughts... but a problem that i found is for example when something bad comes to my mind (as a wish to confront someone) i try to see this and let it go, i already manage to do this sometimes, but as i told i'm a "explosive person," so i'm afraid and i know that if a reaction comes from me as always was, it will come so fast that i will see and be mindfull just afterwards the reaction, so i wouldn't have time to control and to let it go... What i'm missing here? Will be a time that my mindfullness will come before the fast reaction?

I don't know if i could make myself be understood...

anyway thanks for your time and help


28 Jan 17, 14:11
Dear tigi,

Please don't worry too much. I think you need to give yourself more time to get familiar with the practice of mindfulness and then perhaps you'll begin to be calmer in your interactions with others.

Its also worth gently accepting that other people aren't necessarily going to think or behave in the way that we would like them to, when we interact with them in one way or another on an everyday level.

Reading this little Mindfulness booklet by Ajahn Sumedho might be a good idea - and also you could try using the mantra "Buddho" mentioned in section 4 on page 35.


Hope that helps a little.

With metta,

Aloka :hands:

30 Jan 17, 14:16
Thanks Aloka