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07 Jan 17, 01:25
I tend to turn to Buddhism/meditation in times of stress. When things are going well, I'm far less likely to make the effort and practice or attend classes etc.. I don't like this. For one, I've a constant battle keeping those barking thoughts at bay (or the 'chattering monkey' as one monk described it). I imagine I'm missing out too not practicing when my mind is already relatively calm as I think that's when some progress could be made.

Do others have similar patterns?

Unfortunately, I've been getting plenty of practice recently :(


07 Jan 17, 22:58
Do others have similar patterns?

I think its easy to get distracted with other things that appear to be more appealing to the senses at the time when there's an opportunity for a practice session instead. However if I regard daily practice as something to look forward to that's enjoyable as well as very necessary for my well-being, it's more likely that I'll do it.

Its also possible to do practice as an ongoing activity, such as walking meditation, mindfulness, noticing mental activities and so on....