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02 Mar 11, 20:04
Private messages that I send don't seem to be saved in Sent Items. Is there a setting to change this? I looked but didn't find one.

03 Mar 11, 09:21
Any time you send a Private Message, look at Miscellaneous Options below the box where you write the message.

There's 'Request a read receipt for this message' and 'Save a copy of this message in your Sent Items folder'. There are another two options as well.

These allow you to select options for the current message.

You can also set up 'Save a Copy' for all messages you send, as a default setting. Here's how:

From the Private Messages Page, or from Edit Profile, click on General Settings in the left-hand column. Then on the page, find the 'Private Messages' section. There one of the choices is "Save a copy of sent messages in my Sent Items folder by default".

There are some other useful options for notification of Private Messages, too.

Then scroll right down to the bottom of the page and click on 'Save Changes'.



03 Mar 11, 09:57

There's a couple of tick boxes underneath the private message boxes to say if you want a copy of your message saving, and also if you want a read receipt from the person its been sent to.

03 Mar 11, 10:23
Thank you both. ;D

03 Mar 11, 10:55

I hadn't noticed that Woodscooter had added the part about tick-boxes to his post. :zonked: