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24 Nov 16, 08:47
Another short video from Eisel Mazard (approx. 15 minutes) in which amongst other things, he discusses the jhanas.

"Buddhism: Ancient Meditation & Modern Misrepresentation"



24 Nov 16, 15:02
He seems to think that the jhanas define sammasamadhi, but that's not correct: the network of "letting go" practices are the Buddhist innovation, not the jhanas in and of themselves. Another way of saying it is that brahmins and samanas were already doing various jhanas - it is not exclusively Buddhist. Instead, sammasamadhi is what occurs when contemplative practice is integrated with the Dhamma, yoked to the other samma- components & supported by them.

Then he gets upset at the word 'meditation', but e.g. the term 'exercise' is the same: an English word that needs context in order to be understood, a word that can in fact be used in quite a few different contexts.

The rest of the video is a self-aggrandizing ex cathedra diatribe. :zzz: