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12 Mar 16, 16:04
Thank you all for the warm welcome.

Neyya, I hear you. It can get a bit over my head too.

But, I keep it pretty simple.

I can see now that it is a pretty natural human tendency to want to be "right" or to add a dab of this here and a dab of that there. Also to take something that is really pretty simple and straight forward and think, "Naw! It could just not be that simple! Here! Let's make it really complex!

I can say that I have been on a *search for years and what finally made the difference was to pay close attention and *DO.

I have really tried hard to make my practice as that of just what I am - a "house holder" - a common man.

What has made a difference for me has been to take my meditation, my awareness into my every day to day.

A word of gratitude here to Dr. Thynn Thynn for giving me an excellent outline of just how to do that. http://buddhanet.net/imol/livingmd.htm

I have also taken notes and applied much of Jack Kornfields work.

There's a ton of really good information out there and there are good people so willing to share it.

12 Mar 16, 17:34
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This could be the start of an interesting discussion on how we take our practice with us into everyday life.