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Sea Turtle
07 Feb 16, 00:25
Dear BWB friends,

Please join me in creating a thread where the focus is on loving-kindness and compassion. Please feel free to post a story about an act of compassion or kindness that you performed, witnessed, heard about, read about, etc.

The purpose of this thread is to uplift our minds, rejoice in the virtuous qualities of others, and recollect and cultivate our own wholesome acts of body, speech and mind.

Here's one to start!

Man Gives The Shirt Off His Back To Shivering Stranger On NYC Subway



08 Feb 16, 12:06
There’s nothing a good cuddle can’t fix

I found this story about sloths and teddy bears, with a cute leading picture...

It's wonderful how people find soft toys to donate to a good cause.


Sea Turtle
08 Feb 16, 15:51
There’s nothing a good cuddle can’t fix

Incredible leading photo!


This next one really made me pause. This is most unusual and thought-provoking.

'Today We Are His Family': Teen Volunteers Mourn Those Who Died Alone


09 Feb 16, 08:12
I came across a website run by "The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation"



Imagine a world. Where people look out for each other. Where we all pay it forward. Where success is measured in selfless acts. Where kindness is the philosophy of life.


You have the potential to change the world. Become a RAKtivist™ (Random Acts of Kindness activist) and seize it – with the support of a passionate global community all working to spread random acts of kindness.

10 Feb 16, 08:37
Good morning All,
It has been one month since I lost my 22 year old son. He was in the hospital for a medically supervised detox from presciption medication. I didnt tell many people because I tend to keep my problems to myself.
Well I still talk to a few childhood friends back home in Hawaii. The one friend I told helped me write the obituary and provided a ear (or eye) as we emailed to me.
Well yesterday in the mail I got a card from him that had a check for $100. Everything has been paid for as far as my son was concerned. I was very surprised and touched. This was from a friend whom I havent seen in 30 years.
Not hurting for money, I will donate the money to an service animal group, something my son was involved with.

Sea Turtle
10 Feb 16, 18:59
Dear Neyya,

Holding you and your son in my heart. Thank you for sharing your story.


May you, and all touched by this loss, find comfort and solace. May your son have a fortunate rebirth in a very happy realm.

Your idea of donating the gift to a cause that was important to your son sounds lovely and very fitting.

Helena (Sea Turtle)


11 Feb 16, 07:30

I am very sorry to hear about your son. I am hoping that there will be time and kindness that allows you to heal from your loss. You have the loving and caring of this community, I am sure, and you will stay in my heart as well. I am sure that your son would have been very glad to learn about your generous act helping out a cause he cared for. Thank you for your generosity. Please reach out if you need to.


12 Feb 16, 13:18
Thank you all for the kind words and thoughts. My son isnt suffering and thats good enough for me.

Seiun An
12 Feb 16, 18:11
I am involved with a cool project as a volunteer.

We go to schools and teach several versions of the Golden Rule - including Buddhist ones. We teach "attention" as in American Public Schools - particularly in Utah, "meditation" and now even "mindfulness" would get some parents riled up. But "attention" is fine to teach. The kids learn attention by connecting to the breath. Just devoting a couple hours in each classroom produces amazing results in terms of bullying going down. Thus far the program is confined to the American states of Utah and Maine (the latter due to a grant to import it there)

the format is that a professional magician does tricks to an all hands assembly for one hour while talking about kindness, attention, and the Golden Rule. Then volunteers sweep to each classroom. The kids are excited and really open up and they seem stoked to learn "attention" and to have a kinder school - it works!!

The project was funded by Jane (not sure of her last name) who left her fortune to the Golden Rule Project and the Salt Lake Inter-religious Council - which was instrumental in snagging the World Parliament of Religions in SLC last summer. I've been to Jane's House - left to both of those organizations - and she had a room devoted to meditation.

organizations home page

various traditions versions of the Golden Rule. I can think of no better thing for me to do than help spread this to school kids.


Sea Turtle
16 Feb 16, 14:37
This is fantastic Seiun An! Thanks for posting about it.


Yesterday I was struck by the incredible kindness of strangers who saw my mother and I in her disabled car and asked if we were okay, if we needed help, or if help was on the way. I actually got back in the car to wait for roadside assistance, because I didn't want to concern anyone else by standing out there in the snowstorm.

Complete strangers were so incredibly caring.....

17 Feb 16, 21:43
Very glad to know that you and your mother are safe and managed to get help, Helena.

I came across this incredible act of kindness from a stray dog :

Stray Dog Pulls Newborn from Garbage Dump

A stray female dog from Campinas, Brazil, is being called an “angel sent from the heavens” after the homeless pet saved the life of a newborn baby boy.


18 Feb 16, 10:59
Just a small act of kindness shown to me by a bus driver yesterday, which saved me waiting twenty minutes for the next bus.

I was about 100 yards from the bus stop. The stop is round the corner, and I was nowhere near it when I saw the bus approaching.

I started running and held out my arm so the driver could see I was definitely running for the bus.

He pulled up on the corner of the road, opened the door, and allowed me to get on the bus. Usually they hate to stop anywhere that's not a bus stop.

Sea Turtle
19 Feb 16, 02:11
Just a small act of kindness shown to me by a bus driver yesterday...

Amazing how a small pause in someone else's day can make such a difference in ours.

I came across this incredible act of kindness from a stray dog :

Absolutely heartbreaking to see this newborn babe with umbilical cord attached discarded in the trash. Hero dog to the rescue. May they both have extremely good fortune going forward.


Sea Turtle
24 Feb 16, 21:18
A colleague came into my office to discuss a project. Upon leaving, she noticed my dirty lunch dishes sitting off to the side. (I was very busy and hadn't had time to clean them.) She quietly took them with her. Later I saw that she had washed them and put them away for me.

A neighbor called me up just to let me know that my car window was open and that the rain was coming in.


Sea Turtle
28 Feb 16, 03:22
Animals in Europe Making a Comeback

"Some of Europe's endangered and disappeared animals are returning to the continent's diverse habitats with a little help from conservationists."

A hopeful article from a few months back featuring news on the comeback of bison, wild horses, Eurasian lynx, Iberian ibex, brown bear, and wolves in Europe, along with some gorgeous images.



28 Feb 16, 03:58
I read these posts and remembered this lovely story of Charlie the Great Dane:


29 Feb 16, 20:28
A hopeful article from a few months back featuring news on the comeback of bison, wild horses, Eurasian lynx, Iberian ibex, brown bear, and wolves in Europe, along with some gorgeous images.

Really beautiful photos, Helena.

“Charlie is so sensitive to her needs, if the other dogs get boisterous, he will stand by her side to ensure she doesn’t get knocked over. We know when he is acting strange, she is going to have a seizure,” she says.

What a wonderful dog, Lorcan.

Thank you both for sharing these articles.

02 Mar 16, 13:33
Pay It Forward

I've just come across a link for a New York Times article. I think it appeared in 2013, so that makes me a bit late in drawing attention to it. But in this thread, timing is not everything. It's about good-natured, compassionate acts.


“Pay it forward” means to repay a kindness by being kind to someone else rather than the person who was kind to you.

Sea Turtle
22 Apr 16, 01:41
9-Year-Old Boy Squeezes Himself Into A Dark Drainage Pipe To Save Newborn Puppies


22 Apr 16, 03:01
I see lots of acts of kindness and compassion but one thing that sticks in my mind - at work (nursing home). A 98 year old lady asked me to give the last piece of fruit cake her daughter had made to another lady who was calling out in mental anguish because she knew it was one of the few things that she would eat. This was the last thing the donor said because minuets later she had a massive stroke and died.

I can only dream that my last words are filled with this much kindness and compassion.