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18 Feb 11, 15:08
Hi everyone,

I am quite new to this forum but i wanted to ask....

....and i hope this doesn't sound like a silly question (although i fear it may) - can Chenrezig be classed as an Angel like figure? I know she is the embodiment of love and compassion or is she more like a spirit? Or neither?

Many thanks

Tilly :hands:

18 Feb 11, 16:28
Hi Tilly,

Chenrezi is a meditational deity who is not considered to be essentially separate from oneself. Chenrezi is also male - though in China he/she was female as Kwan Yin.

Personally, I think that Tibetan Buddhist meditational deities are quite different to the concept of Christian angels. (and its not a silly question! ;D )

This site might be helpful to you.


with kind wishes,

Dazzle-Aloka :hands:

18 Feb 11, 18:16
So he can't feel like a presence around us, as he is not separate from us?


18 Feb 11, 18:41
and i hope this doesn't sound like a silly question (although i fear it may)

You can let go of that, once and for all. If it ever arises in your mind again, you can ignore it. ;D

18 Feb 11, 19:19
So he can't feel like a presence around us, as he is not separate from us?

My own personal view is that Chenrezi does not exist outside of myself.

You might find this link about Chenrezi practice helpful from the Tibetan Buddhist point of view, Tilly. I wouldn't advise trying to do Tibetan Buddhist practices from the internet or books though, you should get offline instruction about them.(and empowerment where appropriate )



18 Feb 11, 20:02
So he can't feel like a presence around us, as he is not separate from us?
I would say there is no can or can't with this Tilly. It's your personal experience that counts. There's much said on Buddhist sites about exactly how things should appear or happen. 95% written by people who have no direct experience of it themselves. I have found that trusting my own experience is the best guide. If it feels right, then go with it. If it feels wrong, leave it - even if your "betters" disagree.


18 Feb 11, 20:34
Hi Tilly...

Many pious legends abound about this androgynous figure, so much known about Him/Her yet so little of that are 'Buddhist' in perspective. Here's some Tripitaka canonical references on Him, known to Mahayanist/Vajrayanist Buddhists also as "Samyak Vidya Dharma Tathagata" (Right(True/Proper) Brightness/Knowledge of Dharma Thus Come One) who has now manifested as the 'Observer of the World's Sounds Bodhisattva' or Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva.

Also known as Chenrezig to the Tibetans, Guan Yin to the Chinese, Kannon to the Japanese, Chao Mae Kuan Im to the Thais, Kwanseum to the Koreans, Quan The Am to the Vietnamese, Natha Deva to the Sri Lankans, Lokanat to the Burmese, He manifests various forms in all of the six realms as a bridge and for their benefit towards the Buddha Dharma.

From the Lotus Sutra:

His Causes and Conditions

The Six Syllable Great Bright Mantra (Om Mani Padme Hum)

His causes, conditions and as successive future Sukhavati's Teaching Host:

His Method in the Shurangama Sutra:

Visualizing Him: (10 contemplation of Avalokiteshvara)

Maha Cundi: (one of His many Esoteric teaching forms)

The Heart Sutra
Full Text: http://www.shambhala.org/teachers/pema/shtk.php
Shorter Text: http://cttbusa.org/heartsutra/heartsutra.htm