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10 Feb 11, 08:11
So far I've seen two ways to open up a thread:

1- Go to the first post of the thread by clicking on the thread's title.
2- Go to the latest post by clicking on the date/time of newest post on the right.

My question is, how do you just go to the first unread post? If there are 10 new posts, you obviously want to start with the first one you haven't read yet, but I can't seem to find out how... I've been clicking on the latest post and scrolling up, sometimes going back a page, trying to find out where I left off, but sometimes I can't even remember that! It's like having a book and no bookmark.

10 Feb 11, 17:56
I'm really pleased you asked that question, Cloud. ;D

After you have clicked on "What's New", or on "Show unread posts since last visit" or "Show new replies to your posts", you will get a list of topics, and there is a little http://www.buddhismwithoutboundaries.com/forum/Themes/BWB/images/english/new.gif marker at the end of each thread title.

Click on it to go direct to your first unread post in that thread. (Not a lot of people know that.)

The "new" marker also shows up if you go directly to the thread list for an individual forum.

Please let me know if this works OK for you.

11 Feb 11, 01:42
It seems to work! It's the thing (I think) most people would expect, so it's too bad most people don't know about it!

IMHO if you've already been to a thread before, shouldn't this be the default when you click on the thread's title? That would make it easier on people. If they wanted to go back to posts they already read they could always go backwards pages and scroll to the top post.

Anyway thanks for letting me know!