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26 Jul 15, 09:34
I came across this blog entry from Harvey Daiho Hilbert on the Sweeping Zen website & thought I'd post it here:


With respect to each of you,

This evening I sat out under the stars, or what stars I could see since it is a cloudy evening here in Southern New Mexico. Seeing the stars is unnecessary, we know they are there and, if we had studied them, we know what they look like. Still, the act of sitting quietly out of doors is an act of mindful attention and love.

We should love our home, this tiny speck of a planet in an infinite universe. It allows us to live, provides for us, and offers us a place in the vastness of space itself. Having a place is very important and is something we in the United States rarely consider, as we are Americans and don’t necessarily see ourselves as needing (or having) a “place.”

Yet a “place” is one of the things in life we each seem to seek. We want to know who and what we are, as well as, where we fit in. We resist because we don’t want to be “defined” by our sociological standing. We want to define ourselves and do so in a liquid way. Good for us, as that liquidity takes back to Zen where everything is understood to be liquid. Every being and everything is in a state of constant change.

Personally, I am comfortable with my place, a place I have settled into and feel incredibly warm in. Sitting outside this evening I drew myself near to the edge of the universe. An edge that is just one breath away for each of us. To get there, just let go what you think you know and open yourself to your greatest teacher, the universe itself.

Be well


Any comments ? :hands:

26 Jul 15, 19:31
I agree that it is very important to be able to have a safe and relaxing place in order to collect our thoughts or meditate. I also like the comparison to the ever changing body and self as liquid. I tend to think that the very end is a bit mythic but I can get a grasp of the general meaning of what he is saying and be able to relate to it.

Thanks for the thought invoking post,

With Metta,