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21 Jun 15, 10:04
Hi I am from Thailand and there are plenty of materials for people with illness (especially listening on their final or critical moments). I heard stories that it work wonders, however I had an uncle-in-law in Indonesia who had cancered and past away(used to be a Buddhist but converted to Christianty). At first I thought to find some materials for him to listen at his last moment but could not find one in English or Bahasa. A lot of my relatives in Indonesia converted to Christianity because they claim difficult to receive the Buddhist teaching. I have nothing against it, however like most practicener, we know they are missing a road to happiness and heaven on Earth by not listening to Buddha teaching.

Personally I think Buddhism is universal and should be practice by every individual, you may believe in other religions, however it truly can change your mind and characters at the subconscience level.

Anyhow in Thailand, we believe our final moments is the most important also when people are critical ill or in their last moments they can really grasp the teaching of Buddha and easily let's go, this hopefully liberated themselves.

Please do share any links that you know that is good for illness people (audio form better than text).


21 Jun 15, 10:28
Hi Azone,

At the moment, I can't think of any specific audios of talks about illness and death, but you could browse the titles of the many pages of audio talks from Ajahn Sumedho (and other teachers) at this link and check any titles which might be suitable:


Kind regards,

Aloka :hands:

21 Jun 15, 13:20
Thank you Aloka, my uncle in law did pass away but I would like to keep some for future cases as death and illness is surely part of life.

28 Jul 15, 19:59
Here is a list of buddhist audio podcast's


maybe you'll find something you like.

29 Jul 15, 11:17
Hi Azone,

Here are some guided meditations from Audio Dharma: http://www.audiodharma.org/series/1/talk/1835/

Near the bottom of the page are some specific meditations for working with pain.

29 Sep 15, 22:29
This video from Ajahn Brahm , I find most helpful, he does it his way and it is entertaining, within the video there is some great insight: https://youtu.be/FEw2mHpVv9A

"it's ok too be sick" "be kind too your mind"