View Full Version : What’s the Deal With Zen Ceremonies?

10 Jun 15, 23:26
Another blog article from Soto Zen teacher Brad Warner:

"What’s the Deal With Zen Ceremonies?"


Any comments ?

Seiun An
14 Jan 16, 18:02
when I lived by a Zendo we too chanted Heart Sutra in Japanese and English - not everyday but a few times a month.

But when I saw the title I recalled not a periodic ceremony but the ones where I took on the Soto Vows

It was pretty meaningful - having to vow each vow in front of the sangha 3 times and then I was allowed to put on my handsown robe.
It just lent power to the vows as opposed to it just being some intellectual exercise.

There is some power to ceremonies - but it is more what it signifies as opposed to the actual ceremony itself.