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30 Mar 15, 03:18

I'm am replicating the axe of "The Ax Hand and Eye" but the reference image I have is a poor resolution drawing.

Here's what I'm working with:

I cant tell what is happening around the head of the axe, all I can make out is a dragon's head, I can't tell what's going on underneath the head. Does anyone have ideas?

31 Mar 15, 22:30
Ok, finished the ax. Maybe I'll start on another object soon. It'd be really amazing to do a full 1000 hands and eyes guan yin. I'm doing all this modeling in Blender and then 3D printing them, if anyone wants to help with modeling you're more than welcome :)

01 Apr 15, 09:12
Wow, Lazy, that's a big project to undertake. It would be great to see a photo of one of your 3D printed objects. I'm a 3D printer enthusiast myself.

Sorry I can't help with information on the image, though.

-- WS.

01 Apr 15, 15:00
Ok :)

Here it is on Thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:751240/#files

And the top half just finished printing, I'll take pictures once the axe assembled and finished

Update: It's printed, assembled, filed, and painted. Now all I need is to find some decorative string

02 Apr 15, 22:24

Check it out :) I'm trying to get some red string to tie on

02 Apr 15, 22:54
Well done, Lazy!

03 Apr 15, 05:53
Very impressive. I've seen some amazing demos of what can be produced by 3D printers. What kind of material is it?

03 Apr 15, 14:11
PLA (polylactic acid) . It's biodegradable and can be made from corn starch. It was printed orange (although natural PLA is colorless), I spray painted it gold afterwards.

03 Apr 15, 17:18
That's a nice piece of work, Lazy. I make, mostly, engineering parts on my 3D printer. Can't get my head round Blender. Wish I could!

Please do keep us informed about your next object.

06 Apr 15, 02:01
Next object is the bell. I tried doing Guan Yin, but that's too difficult for me still. Maybe after I do all the objects I'll be Blender-savvy enough to model a ruffled wind-swept dress.


I've also printed a bunch of Buddhas. There was one that was a little bit bigger than the biggest one in this picture, but someone took it yesterday :)


10 Apr 15, 14:31
Ok, here's a rendered image of the bell. This is the first thing I've rendered autonomously, but I think it came out pretty well. I'll 3d print one soon, maybe today.


11 Apr 15, 14:51
Bell is printed, but not painted yet. Here are some images.


I got an epoxy coating that's designed for finishing 3d prints, so I'll try that out on some of the printed buddhas. Red string should be arriving in the mail today to adorn the axe.

Woodscooter: I learned Blender entirely through the internet, mostly youtube. I've been using it for almost three months now.

Here's a link to the Thingiverse collection where I'll be posting all the .stl and .blend files.

11 Apr 15, 16:52
Fascinating, thanks for sharing, Lazy.

12 Apr 15, 09:24
Thanks for the images, Lazy. You certainly have acquired a useful skill in three months of using Blender. I must go back to it and see what I can do.


18 Apr 15, 02:10
Another one done, and have learned some things about finishing objects.


So, the new one is the vase that you see in the picture, and you'll notice that the bell is much shinier than the vase. I didn't sand either of them, but I put the XTC-3D epoxy coating on the bell before I painted it. Both are painted with the same paint.

Printing a clapper for the bell now, and I'm still working on doing a fancy knot for the axe, a knot like they have on malas. I didn't realize tying knots was such an art until I tried it and started researching techniques.

Will upload the vase to thingiverse in a moment.