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22 Jan 11, 13:07
Does anyone know of a trustworthy place where I can order Guru Beads?

22 Jan 11, 13:12
Hi Lotus,

As this is a question relating to Tibetan Buddhism I'm moving it to the Mahayana/Vajrayana forum

This is a reliable on-line store for Tibetan Buddhist items :


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22 Jan 11, 13:33
Does anyone know of a trustworthy place where I can order Guru Beads?

Hi Lotus

May I ask what they are and what you use them for? I have never heard of guru beads.

22 Jan 11, 15:18
hi millyone
They go on a Mala.

22 Jan 11, 15:28
I'm none the wiser! What is a Mala please?

22 Jan 11, 18:33
A mala (or rosary) is used in Tibetan Buddhism to count mantras.

There's some information here:


04 Mar 11, 11:49
I downloaded a free "Recite Buddha" program into my iphone. This app counts the number of recitation I have done.

The Texas Buddha
04 Mar 11, 13:14
So could guru beads also be worn like a neckalace or bracelet? Oh and should or could you meditate with them?

04 Mar 11, 15:16
They can be worn around the neck or wrist if one uses them for mantra recitation but otherwise they're not meant to just be worn as decorative jewellery.

You need to get offline instruction from a Tibetan Buddhist teacher at a centre about which mantras you should recite and they're often recited as part of a deity practice. Again, one shouldn't just pick up information on the internet about these things and then try to practice them. You need to get the proper instruction (and empowerment to do the practice where necessary).