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02 Mar 15, 10:25
The last week I have witnessed and experienced some amount of pain. In fact, my week to many people would probably be called "unfortunate".

It began last Thursday afternoon, I was waiting for my bus as any other day... suddenly a man who stood by me collapsed and began writhing in pain. His face was blue and he was choking up blood. I had to call an ambulance to help him, while another woman sat by him to keep him calm (would you believe this was the second time in my life I've had to do just this?). The next day I was driving my partner's car, when I misjudged a turn up my driveway, only to hit the side of the car on a wooden railing which happened to have a large nail sticking out from it. Of course, this resulted in a huge gouge in what was previously considered a "shiny" and "good looking" car. Bollocks. And then yesterday, my own car decided it was time to break down on the side of the road, a mere few hundred meters from my house. With a tow truck booked to take it away, I went to check it this afternoon only to find someone had rolled it onto its roof - smashing the windscreen and denting many of its panels.

Normally, such a week would have been met with a mild depression and many hours of "why me?" "what have I done to deserve this?"... However, since taking up regular (daily) meditation this year, I have found my acceptance for pain or suffering to be much greater. I have found a joy in being able to help others in a time of need. Instead of wallowing in self pity, I feel compassion for those who have wronged me, understanding their actions are a reflection of their egoic mind. I have realised the trivial nature of damage to a material item, and practiced detachment to such things. I have come to see this "suffering" as a good thing - a tool to help me more fully practice the Dhamma.

Although it is hard, I truly am seeing the benefits of regular meditation. Once upon a time I would never have imagined I could turn such negative circumstances into a positive learning experience.

Has anyone else witnessed this transformation in themselves?

:hands: Lotus