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02 Mar 15, 09:55

The posts I've sent so far have used quick reply - which have been fine. I've prepared a reply to a new thread - and I've been asked to include quotes from the internet article the thread refers to. What is the best way to do this? And how do I do it? I went to the FAQ's but couldn't find anything about quotes. Maybe I'm missing something obvious........



02 Mar 15, 11:17
Hi PaulE,

There's a 'Quote' icon in the Quick Reply and in the Advanced windows. It looks like a speech bubble.

Click on that, and your post will have [ QUOTE ] [ /QUOTE ] marks inserted at the cursor position. If you have selected (highlighted) text before clicking on the quote icon, the QUOTE marks will be put at the start and end of the selected text.

When the post is posted, anything inside QUOTE marks is displayed as quoted text, making a clear distinction from your own words.

If you want to quote wording from another web site, you will have to highlight the words you are planning to quote, and use the normal 'Copy' function (MS Windows users right click, select Copy). Then come back the the post you are preparing, click once on the Quote icon then use the normal 'Paste' function (MS Windows users right click, select Paste).

I hope that explains it sufficiently clearly for you. If you need more detail, reply to this post.

10 Nov 17, 18:37
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