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19 Mar 10, 23:06
Hi Sangha,

As of late I have been thinking of the six realms of existence and how I can reduce negative karma. I do not fear death or illness but I find discomfort in the thought of being reborn as a hungry spirit or in the hell realms. I currently do a short Vajraysatta practice and prayers when I can from the Garchen Institute, where I attend teachings.

At this point in my life because of my age and physical issues I don't feel I will progress as fast as someone younger. In the past I incurred much negative karma and wish to dissipate it in a proactive manner. So my question is what practices do other members do to that end?


20 Mar 10, 00:01
Hi Gail,

I've done a number of different practices in the past, but the one I find best at the moment is meditation and the practice of mindfulness.

Meditation is good for everything, Gail, particularly for anything related to karma. You can do it as well as your Vajrasattva practice. Enquire about Samatha meditation at your centre. If that's not possible, there's an excellent meditation series on You Tube. This one is the introduction. It's given by Ajahn Jayasaro who's an abbot with the Thai Forest tradition, ... but that's ok because its all meditation !


...and don't worry too much ! http://www.buddhismwithoutboundaries.com/images/smilies/grin.gif

Kind wishes,


20 Mar 10, 00:46
Thanks Dazz.


20 Mar 10, 06:59
Happy if I can be of any help to you, Gail dear. http://www.buddhismwithoutboundaries.com/images/smilies/heart.gif

20 Mar 10, 10:47
As a Nichiren Buddhist I believe by chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo I tap into my ninth consciousness (Buddhahood). This will then bring out my negative Karma/negative karmic tendencies into my life, it is through dealing with and overcoming the obstacles and difficulties in everyday life that negative Karma will be decreased.

20 Mar 10, 14:39
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I can tell about that HR dear,

I was for some time in a soka gakkai and that manatra give me, at that time a kind of pacefull mind... it was one of the first positive experiences I had about my spiritual practice... I am a Zen student now but I have never forget that beautifull practice.

Also there is a very insightfull book realted to this called Buddha In Your Mirror.

Thanks HR


20 Mar 10, 18:37
Thanks Human Revolution and Kaarine,

When I was on the Longest Walk, "a peace walk" The Buddhist Nuns and Monks as they drumed chanted "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" . That was one of the things that brought me closer to the path I now walk on.

May all be Blessed in their practice.

With Metta,

21 Mar 10, 15:42
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21 Mar 10, 16:14

Forget age and everything else in your life, I know it is easier said than done.

The Buddah instructed everyone, the Sangha and the Laity to practice the Dharma. Everything else will fall into place.

If you do not fear death you have no other fears.



21 Mar 10, 17:21
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Thanks Gerry.