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13 Jan 15, 19:46
Dear friends,

How was your day today ? Any reflections you'd like to share ?

With metta,


16 Jan 15, 04:57
Day requires lots of positive thinking and breathing to combat negativity

16 Jan 15, 18:53
Hmm I've had better days tbh Aloka!lol I work Mon-Fri. Its now Friday night.So I worked all week,and today got up this morning,with that "Friday feeling"of joy,in anticipation of the weekend off.I go to work,end up working through my lunch break,and finish work at 3pm,feeling very tired. I get home soon after,and am just sighing with relief,when my work mobile starts ringing. I decide to ignore it,as it not my weekend to be "on call".I start doing some housework,and my mobile rings again. I once again ignore it,and remind myself to switch said mobile off!! 10 minutes later,my house phone rings. I answer it. Its an employee.She has been on holiday all week,and has rang me to tell me she won't be in tomorrow as her Mother has had a bad fall and can't be left alone. I understand,and ring a couple of other employee's.They refuse to cover the shift.So now,instead of relaxing tomorrow as I should be,I am now working an 11.5 hr shift,having to get up at 5.30am,start work at 7am,and finish work at 6.30pm. I am trying to re focus on the fact that the employee's Mother has had the fall,and I should put other people first,but........am finding this very difficult right now. I think I will practice some meditation tonight.

Sea Turtle
16 Jan 15, 19:59
Ah, I can understand the feelings that go along with suddenly having to work just when you thought you were off! I've had a lot of resistance and resentment come up under those same circumstances.

What I find inspiring is that this incident prompted you to wish to meditate and quiet your mind. It's amazing how the difficult feelings can really propel us along in our practice.

Wishing you ease and a fruitful day at work,

05 Feb 15, 18:18
one of my greatest enjoyments is my daily walk. Today my local park was incredibly beautiful with a crackling cold feel in the air, and stately oak trees covered in snow, set against a sky of deepest blue.
An hour and a half never passed so quickly; I was exhillerated

10 Feb 15, 02:15
Heartbreaking. We had to end the life of our wonderful dog Tess. We loved her as our child.

10 Feb 15, 16:19
Sorry about your loss, Inji. I know what its like to lose much loved pets.


23 Feb 15, 16:50
today is my weekly day off. I tend to sort of sink down into a blah sort of neutral state of mind, and it's usually hard for me to engage or do much of anything. So I decided to check back in with the forums, maybe talk to friends, and do a little bit of life planning,