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05 Jan 15, 12:49
I recently became a widow. So I am at the moment grieving and coming to terms with everything.

I meditate every morning and night. I last night had a vivid dream in which I saw a beautiful perfectly round rainbow and I woke feeling happy and relaxed. It was a lovely feeling. I hope it means my spiritual development is going along in the right way.

I just wondered what the dream could have symbolised? I know in buddhism it is the belief that the departed soul immediately moves on to another life, but could it have been a sign from my husband? I have been meditating and asking him for signs to let me know that he is happy and all right. This is surely something most people would do when they lose a loved one.

I suppose I would like any opinion anybody has on what dreams about rainbows could mean, especially a completely round one. Do not be afraid of upsetting me or anything, I am genuinely interested as I want to continue to grow spiritually. It is in tough times in one's life that surely we grow the most.

05 Jan 15, 15:21
Hi Milly,

It's good to hear from you again. Rainbows are so pretty and therapeutic - and I think its very positive that you felt happy and relaxed after dreaming about one.

I don't really pay any attention to dreams myself. I just think of them as being stuff from my subconscious mind which sometimes surfaces in various ways when I'm asleep. I honestly don't think its worthwhile speculating about whether they have any special meaning or not outside of my own mental state.

Years ago I once asked a Tibetan Buddhist teacher about an unusual dream I'd had - and he said "Don't take any notice of dreams - just keep practising!"

With metta,

Aloka :heart:

05 Jan 15, 17:36
HI Aloka,
indeed, that is the rational view which basically I take too. I know very well that I am willing there to be signs so my subconscious is obliging me probably. I remember marvelling at the beauty of this small lovely rainbow in my dream though. Some cultures believe rainbows mean things. I like to think it just means I am thinking about positive stuff, beauty of nature is the best thing to dwell upon.

I love your avatar, the moving water and reflection of the flower, it is gorgeous!