View Full Version : Sam Harris & Joseph Goldstein talk about meditation

18 Nov 14, 22:06
This is the first of nine 15 minute sessions on YouTube of Sam Harris and Joseph Goldstein talking about meditation (They've known each other for 25 years and Joseph was one of Sam's first meditation teachers):



19 Nov 14, 05:03
This is the second one (2/9)


joe w
19 Nov 14, 15:51
Thank you for posting this.

19 Nov 14, 21:15
Thank you.

20 Nov 14, 07:27
Hi Aloka

Thanks for posting this, I could not stop at the two posted and had to listen to the whole nine podcasts ( odd in fifteen minute segments) however well worth the time spent to listen to a conversation between two very experienced practioners.

I learnt a lot, particularly from 5/9 onward when they talk about the difference between dzogchen and vipassana practice. I found Joseph Goldstien's view of the ultimate sameness of the experience but with different emphasis according to the yogi's disposition interesting, and Sam Harris's view that vipassana as taught in the west is misleading because it tends toward an agenda based practice, fascinating.

I wonder how others related to this.

22 Nov 14, 15:47
Thanks for posting this Aloka. I watched all nine videos and really enjoyed it. It was interesting to hear about the different possible pitfalls in different practices. I know I've fallen into the pitfall of trying to reach a goal or recreate a previous experience multiple times. I've also fallen into the pitfall of not really seeing a point in practicing.