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06 Jan 11, 09:30
Hello Friends! ;D :hands:

I am Jayam, a new comer joined with the group recently. I am a Buddhist by the birth and living in a county where majority are Buddhists. But what I realize now is I was a Buddhist by name only for long time. I really started put Lord Buddhas teachings in to practice only few years a go.

I have read lot of books on Buddhist teaching but mostly in our native language. I started to read Buddhist teaching in English only few years back. I am very interested in wherever the dhamma discussions are going on but I always feel that I don't have the fluency in English to communicate my ideas effectively. Though I have never engaged in those discussions yet, I have read many things written by other members.

Therefore, I would really like to communicate with the people here who are practically engaging in meditation as well as disseminating damma among others.

May all your accumulated good karmas be conditioned for attain Nibbana soon!
Jayam ;D

06 Jan 11, 09:48
Hi Jayam and a warm welcome to the group ! Thank you very much for your good wishes and for introducing yourself.

Your English looks fine to me and I look forward to you joining in some discussions with us.

With kind wishes,

Dazz ;D

06 Jan 11, 10:54
Welcome look forward to reading your posts

Your English also seems very good to me

06 Jan 11, 16:18
Wellcome Jayam!

Your english is really great for me... but as you english is not my original lenguage so I am not the best to tell about :P


07 Jan 11, 10:27
Welcome :)