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09 Jun 14, 21:53
I'd like to relate a story to you, somethings that happened to me at the weekend. Feel free to pass comment or ask questions. :)

This Sunday, I was out doing a long run and about half way in to the run, I found a smart-phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 2 I think) on the path. After quickly debating what to do with a friend, if to leave it there (perhaps the person who lost it may come back for it) or take it to the park visitor center (about 4 miles along the path), I decided to take it and drop it off at the visitor center (presumably, they get lots of lost property handed in).


Running back to the visitor center, I'm pondering, should I just keep the phone (oh no! what a scoundrel I am) or to do the decent honest thing and hand it in. I'm sure, not in a million years would I have kept it; I was just pondering the matter. It's a funny thing though, as I was holding the phone in my hand, you get this feeling of possessing it "I've been holding it for 3 miles now, surely it's mine by now?". I was also having thoughts, along the lines of "Dear god, the only thing I want, is a heart that is honest and decent" (not that I believe in a 'god' per-se).

So, when I got back to the visitor center, it turned out the phones owner had left their contact details; so I left the phone there, the visitor center staff would make sure it got back to it's rightful owner. My good deed for the day, result!

I'm like 99.99999999% sure I would have always handed the phone in; something extremely unusual would have had to have happened, for me not to have handed it in. It's just that, we always have the capacity to choose the wrong thing.

That's not the odd bit; the odd bit is what happened in the evening on that very day...

I was out at a salsa club, and went to visit the loo. As I was in there, some chap followed me in, asking for a guy in a blue t-shirt (me), then proceeded to hurl accusations at me, mumbling something about a phone, or that I'd taken a phone. I was taken aback, somewhat confused, and thinking it was some kind of scam or that I was about to be assaulted. He kept saying, I've taken someone's phone as I walked past their table (I hadn't).

So, we left the loo, and this girl was outside, the person who's phone had gone missing; they're both ranting at me, then say they're going to get a member of staff; which I agree, is a very good idea. When the staff member arrived, I was protesting my innocence, and even offered to allow them to search me, and showed them there were no phone shaped bulges in my pockets etc. I suggested they ring the phone, they did, it rang (and none of my pockets made a noise by the way).

Turns out, the phone was in her bag, back at her table. So, feeling a little shaken up, I left, to go back to the dance floor.

Later on in the evening, the staff member came over to apologise, and check I was okay. Then friends of the girl came over, to check I was okay, one of them bought me a drink, they were all very apologetic. I just said I was glad you found your phone, enjoy the rest of your night, and that, even though there are 'bad people' in the world, most are decent people.

I felt pretty good after. Maybe that was in part due to the rum and coke they gave me? (don't normally drink alcohol).

So, a lot of lessons to be had that phone-themed day. I thought about not being too quick to judge people without the full facts and evidence (though, that was perhaps a lesson for the other people in the story). Not to react too badly, when accused of doing something you didn't (just to be calm, and perhaps say you'll stay around, until you get to the bottom of the mystery). While we have the ability to choose the wrong thing, we also have the ability to choose the right thing.


10 Jun 14, 21:02
Nice story, well worded...

10 Jun 14, 21:23
It's good you returned the phone, not many people would. You also kept your cool in a tense situation. You bring up some good points pertaining to morals and ethics.

I would say they are good values to have. Some would argue most people are dishonest and you have to be the same to not be taken advantage of. It's tough to be good in a world filled with unreasonable and or dishonest people. But like you said people aren't all dishonest and be carefully making presumptuous conclusions, I would only add with it's complement,be careful to not judge at all and be to nice people tend to take advantage of it and may see it as being gullible ( guess that's my issue). Thxs for the read...

11 Jun 14, 11:00
Hi foui,

I was also wondering if there were some kind of connection between the two events; in the first event, I was entertaining the idea of essentially stealing the phone (keeping something that isn't mine); then, in the second event, I was (wrongly) accused of stealing a phone! Did my thoughts in the morning, create some kind of karmic reaction in the evening of the same day? Or was it just coincidence?

I don't know if the notion of karma exists in Buddhism? Maybe that's a Hindu thing?

I wouldn't have said I remained calm when accused of stealing the phone, the encounter did provoke anxiety within me and make me feel quite uneasy.

Did you feel that people take advantage of a nice good nature? It should be possible to have a good nature while not allowing people to abuse you, don't you think?

11 Jun 14, 16:46
I don't know if the notion of karma exists in Buddhism? Maybe that's a Hindu thing?

Hi Jamie,

If you'd like to discuss the Buddha's teachings about karma, could you start a new discussion thread in our Discovering Buddha's Teachings forum, please ?

Here's one of several previous topics on the website about karma:


As you are not a Buddhist, you might also like to read this brief outline of Buddhism:


Kind regards,

Aloka :hands: