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19 Dec 10, 10:02
I was looking at a question and answer session with the late Ajahn Chah.... and then I wondered if anyone had any further comments, or perhaps any personal reflections about their own practice in connection with the question and answer below.

Question:Are defilements such as greed or anger merely illusory or are they real?

Answer: They are both. The defilements we call lust or greed, or anger or delusion, these are just outward names, appearances. Just as we call a bowl large, small, pretty, or whatever. This is not reality. It is the concept we create from craving. If we want a big bowl, we call this one small. Craving causes us to discriminate. The truth, though, is merely what is. Look at it this way. Are you a man? You can say 'yes'. This is the appearance of things. But really you are only a combination of elements or a group of changing aggregates. If the mind is free, it does not discriminate. No big and small, no you and me. There is nothing: Anatta, we say, or non-self. Really, in the end there is neither atta nor anatta.



19 Dec 10, 14:57
in the end there is neither atta nor anatta

My current interpretation of this is that all things are impermanent - except possibly impermanence.

I'm probably wrong, though.

19 Dec 10, 16:58
Great answere given Dazz,

I agree. Concepts are needed for daily life so to go ahead with things but we have to be mindfull about not getting entangled with concepts... of any sort. Once you realize this, you can see things appearing in front of you having both aspects... the needed conceptual one so to deal with the "other" and the true one, given in the answere you post. I can result to be a woman for the taxi driver, and its OK, but I know that is just a convention needed. I now now that I am a temporary and "fortunate" combination of elements :P

It is useless to be hooked into conceptual entanglements. This practice is really liberating and leads to a quiten mind.