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29 Jan 14, 16:06
I have looged into the site but when I wanted to make a reply to the thread on what made you happy today the site says I am not logged in.


29 Jan 14, 17:11
There's no simple answer to this one, gerry. If you are not logged in, then the 'Quick Reply' window at the bottom of a thread would not even be visible.

If you are logged in, then you should be able to reply to any thread. I'm assuming you have cookies enabled on your computer, because without cookies, your login would last only about 60 minutes.

If it happens regularly, then it would need an investigation. If it's happened only once, I'll invite you to ignore it this time.

If you get the message that you are not logged in, and you have just submitted a post, then fill in your username and password and this will allow the posting process to complete, without loss of the post.

29 Jan 14, 17:45
Hi Gerry,

In addition to what Woodscooter has said, members don't have any access to the Code of Conduct, Announcements and Study Links sections, so if you tried to post in one of those you would have got a no-access message of some description.

Kind regards,


01 Feb 14, 18:43
Aloka and Woodscooter

Many thanks for your replies.

When I was told I was not logged in I looked at the top of the page and it said I was logged in.

I eventually managed to get into the thread.

I don't say much on the site but I read it regularly. Unlike most of the people on the site I cannot quote as they do, my Buddhism is a very simple practical go at it and after more than 33 years I reckon I have cracked it. I am looking forward to a trip to Thailand this year, one day in the village Wat will make up for shelves full of books although I will take a few with me.

Once again many thanks.



03 Mar 14, 23:26
Its happened again. I shall use another computer and see what happens. I shall take a deep breath and try again. Anyone any ideas what could be going wrong?



04 Mar 14, 07:36
Hi Gerry,

If you were logged in, I don't know what could have happened. However, the time of your above post is 23.26 and then a post you wrote later in the Meditation Forum is timed at 23.52....so I'm guessing that the problem had gone for that period of time.

If the thread you were trying to contribute to had a lock next to it in the topic list, and "Closed Thread" after the last post, it means that it can't be posted in. Threads are automatically closed by the system after 6 months of inactivity, or else they might have been closed by a moderator.

Please send Woodscooter a private message with the details of which forum topic you were unable to access, if it happens again when you're logged in.

With kind wishes,

Aloka :hands: