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27 Jan 14, 20:03
Hello board :)

I just thought we could start a thread where we simply share things that made us happy today, in a very simple manner. It could be related to Buddhism, or not.

I'll start :

I'm happy my nephew got a present today

27 Jan 14, 21:55
Hello BlueFaky,

Seeing the sun shining on a winter morning made me feel happy today .


27 Jan 14, 23:43
Mozart's 'Prague' Symphony made a happy morning today. :whistle:

28 Jan 14, 20:08
Having a friend dog running at me for caresses made me happy today

29 Jan 14, 03:18
Bright sunshine to counteract the brutal cold (minus 12F, i.e., minus 25C) and scratching my dog's warm belly.

29 Jan 14, 23:19
I am happy that today I am the youngest I will be in my life

31 Jan 14, 20:13
I've seen an old friend

01 Feb 14, 18:54
Happiness has eluded me. I am content and have peace of mind.



17 Mar 14, 19:48
Hearing the lovely bird song early this morning when I woke up.

19 Mar 14, 07:39
Putting a beautiful big Bumble-Bee outside and watching it fly away. (It had accidentally flown through my window)

Dharma Dave
20 Mar 14, 22:19
What made me happy today is International Happiness Day :flower:



21 Mar 14, 11:18
Putting a smile on my face as I sat down to meditate, normally I'm so caught up in trying to concentrate that my meditation makes me calm, today there was a serene peace in that calm.

30 Mar 14, 19:01
Standing quietly outside listening to birds singing - and it wasn't raining!


Sea Turtle
30 Mar 14, 23:10
Seeing a bird checking out one of the bird houses we put up by the woods. Really hoping a bird family will move in!

Sea Turtle :heart:

01 Apr 14, 10:48
My Son asked me how to meditate today

02 Apr 14, 11:58
My Son asked me how to meditate today

Brilliant! How old is he ?

Waking up this morning made me feel happy today - because life is impermanent and very uncertain.


04 Apr 14, 09:56
Brilliant! How old is he ?

Hi Aloka

Brilliant about sums it up !! He is thirty five, always been too busy making a success in life, although he was brought up around Buddhism he thought material success was the main goal, he now lives in the USA and has achieved what most would consider a materially very successful life style, he is not happy and content and is now ready to see the benefits of the practice, hope he sticks through the early years !!

05 Apr 14, 19:31
I was able to help a friend having a computer virus

Sea Turtle
06 Apr 14, 02:48
Walking meditation in the woods. Have found a quiet path off the beaten path.


07 Apr 14, 23:32
My guests went home today after a week.

Aloka, when I wake up in the morning and I am breathing it is going to be a great day.

Waking up in the morning and not breathing will leave me with a problem but as I spent all my working life solving problems I should ne okay.

Peace Gerry

10 Apr 14, 19:02
Any day I wake up and put my feet on the floor is a good day.

John Marder
10 Apr 14, 20:59
I got to sit and talk with several different people about different things. I didn't worry about what they thought of me and I felt kindness and freedom. It isn't always like that but today was good:up2:

10 Apr 14, 21:05
Listening to VNV Nation :dance:

17 Apr 14, 19:50
Good peaceful meditation

17 Apr 14, 22:01
Walking in the warm sunshine at lunchtime.