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04 Dec 13, 11:32
What's everyone going to be doing at Christmas?



04 Dec 13, 18:17
Hi Aloka,
We both have Xmas and Boxing day off work (yeee haaa!)So....youngest daughter is coming home (she's 24)and I am planning a non trad meal.Think I might make a nice morrocan type dish?Depending on weather,might head out for a nice walk at some stage.Boxing day will be spend just relaxing,maybe another walk?How about you?What are you up to? PS I will fit in some meditation!

04 Dec 13, 18:28
How about you?What are you up to?

Hi Jacaranda,

I will be spending Xmas day alone ( my relatives are dead) enjoying a vegetarian meal and some quiet practice. I have a female friend coming to visit on Boxing Day and I'll be chatting with other friends on the phone.


04 Dec 13, 20:39
I have 2 weeks off work for the first time in years, so I will be travelling down to London to visit family. Christmas dinner will be traditional but with a twist as my Thai brother in law will be there and I'm sure he'll be doing some cooking.
This will be my first Christmas for a long while that will be totally alcohol free, so it'll be interesting to see how I'll cope with the social gatherings.
Whatever you are all doing I hope you have a peaceful Christmas.

04 Dec 13, 23:38
Spending the morning with my Kids and family, maybe have my brother dress up like Santa and surprise the kids, then later on in the day head to work. Hopefully have an easy work night.


05 Dec 13, 17:32
Hi Aloka,
Are you going to be ok spending Xmas Day alone?

05 Dec 13, 18:07
Hi Aloka,
Are you going to be ok spending Xmas Day alone?

Yes I'll be absolutely fine, Jacaranda - but thanks for asking. :heart:

05 Dec 13, 19:18
I'll be on winter break from college. Spending Christmas day with my parents and my sister and probably my Great Aunt as well. We'll have a tree and presents and a nice dinner. Sometimes we have something traditional sometimes something different. Not sure what we'll have this year but I'm the lone vegetarian in the household. We'll also get together with my extended family on my dad's side sometime in January for a second Christmas. We do a 'Secret Santa' thing every year.

05 Dec 13, 22:57
I like December. It is one of my favourite months not because Christmas but because people tries to be nice, even when it only lasts for a while.

About Christmas... not a big deal. Just a warmth gathering with my family in law.


John Marder
09 Dec 13, 23:34
Normal stuff really. Our two sons coming home . Same as for you Fletcher.... I think this is my first alcohol free Christmas probably in about 43 years or something. Looking forward to clarity and the feeling of experiencing the true aspect of stuff no matter how difficult or easy it happens to be..... but great, walking the dog, scratching around in the garden, time with loved ones and my Buddhist practice of chanting which my wife my mum and one of my sons will do to

13 Dec 13, 09:14
Mine will be a quiet one at home I think, does anyone recommend ideas for Christmas lunch? I was thinking a vegetarian version of a meatloaf or something but haven't tried making one before so I didn't know if there are any good recipes.

13 Dec 13, 10:45
I usually buy a ready made nut-loaf or do something with soya mince or smoked tofu.

There are 2 pages of vegetarian recipes here which look nice:


There's also a recipe for lentil and cashew nut roast at this website:


22 Dec 13, 10:53
At the moment I'm enjoying messages from old friends received with their Xmas cards - as well as some lengthy catch-ups by phone.

This is what its like before Xmas in Oxford Street, London UK.


22 Dec 13, 17:02
Hi everyone. It’s interesting to hear how others will spend Christmas. From loving it as a kid (yay, presents!) and then a young adult (yay, parties!), I went through a phase of feeling disappointed, bored, cynical etc. Now I’ve come to terms with it: no great expectations. :neutral:

Here in this small town in Northumberland there’s just a modest display of Christmas lights in the main street and in people’s homes, but it’s so welcome and cheery in the general gloom of winter. Also, I walk the dogs every day and get to enjoy the moon and the stars as well as some fab sunsets.

On the day itself, I think we’ll be having Chinese take-away (bought the evening before) because it’s a big treat to have a take-away. Hopefully we’ll have some good walks (with snow?!) and probably bump into our dog-walking buddies.

All the best to everyone :hands:

PS There may be alcohol, oops, but in moderation :cool:

24 Dec 13, 13:25
Merry Christmas everyone !


24 Dec 13, 15:55
Hi everyone,

In a spirit of inclusiveness and goodwill to all, I celebrate Christmas even though it's not mentioned in the Pali canon.

I shall be linking up with family for two big meals each with a vegetarian option just for me.

To all sentient members of BWB, I send my best wishes for the festive season. May your days be merry and bright

And may all your Christmases be white.


24 Dec 13, 16:13
And to you too, Aloka - loving the gifs!
Can I just say a very big 'thank you' to you for all that you do here. I know I'm pretty quiet, but I'm just trying to take everything in ;D - really appreciate this place so much.

24 Dec 13, 23:48
Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you have a lovely day however you're spending it! ;D

And thank you for the tips Aloka, I am just about to make this vegetable roast recipe, hopefully it will turn out ok! http://www.deliciousmagazine.co.uk/recipes/mums-christmas-roast

25 Dec 13, 07:18
Can I just say a very big 'thank you' to you for all that you do here. I know I'm pretty quiet, but I'm just trying to take everything in ;D - really appreciate this place so much.

Thank you for your kind words, Khanti. I'm glad you like it here.

I am just about to make this vegetable roast recipe, hopefully it will turn out ok!

It looks delicious, Elderflower!

Hope everyone has a peaceful, happy day today.