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20 Nov 13, 08:42
I often ask people, "What's your story?" So, I am answering my own question here in my introductory post with a brief approach.
My story starts with a rude awakening.
My last day of sanity was August 17th, 2008. That was the day I was diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease. I couldn't escape the symptoms of severe hyperactivity of the mind, it was as if I was perceiving a horrific nightmare in waking reality. Once I realized that the more I practiced meditation, then the chemical imbalance of my brain would subside. I was able to support myself and devout my waking hours to meditation. Sitting up to two hours at a time, practicing Shamatha meditation. I thankfully discovered Shamatha meditation through the book titled The Attention Revolution, authored by B. Alan Wallace. Among the many other books I have enjoyed studying, I found this one, The Attention Revolution, to be the most beneficial to my journey. As a meditation manual it allowed me to be free.
I am here to relate to others, understand and accept the diversity of others through compassion.
Feel free to inquire within this post/thread about my meditation experiences and how it has affected my dreams, which I thoroughly enjoy, and the brain disease of which I am now free of, however from which so many others suffer.
Thank you for taking the time to read this,
I appreciate it.

20 Nov 13, 09:18
Hi Maurice,

Thank you for introducing yourself and welcome to BWB!

With kind wishes,

Aloka :hands:

21 Nov 13, 09:04
Hi maurice,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!