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15 Oct 13, 03:35
I signed up a week ago and I do not seem to come up with a satisfactory introduction of myself. I was introduced to Eastern philosophy in the 70s by listening to Alan Watts lectures and reading all his books. After reading a few of the posts here, I realized that I am literally quite ignorant about Buddhism and I do not even know if I am in the right forum.

I am a married old 67-year-old man who has thought a lot about spirituality and tried to make sense of it and put it into practice quite successfully in my long career as a manger. I grew up catholic and I am very anti-religion, although I would like to think that I am very spiritually inclined, which is not the same as religious to me. I do not harbor any ill feelings towards religions, just severe disappointment from my catholic background -- I just do not want to have anything with institutionalized religions or cults.

The big event in my life will come a week from now when I will embark on a 10 day, 10.5 hours of meditation per day during my vacation time from work. This is the Vipassana meditation. If anyone has undertaken a similar, although not necessarily the same program, I would appreciate any pointers or words of wisdom or suggestions you may have. If you have any questions about me, please feel free to ask. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Namaste! Lumen

15 Oct 13, 06:31
Hello Lumen,


Thank you for introducing yourself and I can understand why you don't know all that much about the Buddha's teachings if you were following the late Alan Watts.

Have a look at "An Outline of Buddhism" which is pinned at the beginning of the topics in our Discovering Buddha's Teachings forum to get some ideas about the basics.


Please could you write your query about a Vipassana retreat in a new thread in our General Buddhist Discussions forum, as this area is just for our new member to introduce themselves.

With kind wishes,


15 Oct 13, 12:20
Hi Lumen,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!