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14 Oct 13, 12:23
So I'm Eliza, I'm 15 years old, and I live in Massachusetts.

I was raised Buddhist in a traditional Chinese family, and we visited the temple fairly often. I used to take Sunday school classes there for Chinese and religious education until I dropped out for personal reasons. I know about half the Heart Sutra in Cantonese by heart, and I'm working on memorizing all of it. So while my mom is very devout, she doesn't really know much about Buddhist teachings itself, so I'm hoping to connect with other Buddhists, especially Mahayana, and learn more about my religion. ;D

14 Oct 13, 14:23
Hi Eliza, :wave:

Welcome to BWB !

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14 Oct 13, 22:32
Hi Eliza,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!