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30 Sep 13, 08:35
Hey guys,

It's a pleasure to meet you all :wave: as my login name suggests I'm Ben. I live in South Australia, I'm currently studying Bachelor of Network Security however I already have an Adv.dip in networking so I will most probably change to software development of game design. Umm.... what else.... hmmmm I have a wonderful partner and a very hansom dog :).

I have been interested in the concepts of Buddhism, they sound rather sound to myself. I am not going to try and put religion down because it an individual choice. However I could never bring myself to believe in something I can't touch or see and seems to go directly against the findings in science on a regular basis. Buddhism however makes sense and encourages you to follow your own path even question things if they don't make sense. A man that only wants to spread peace and love (admitting he is a man alone is a very honest thing to do :D), a man that wont say you will burn if you don't following him that's a man I could grow to respect and love :).

Any who, I hope we have a great time and learn allot from each other.


30 Sep 13, 09:07
Hello Benny :wave:

Welcome to BWB and thanks for introducing yourself !

I am a little concerned though about some things allegedly said by the Dalai Lama on that john saffron vs god show. I will see if I can find it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kstH-8jwa80

Why is this considered wrong?

Could you post the video and your question in the Tea Room please ? This area is just meant for introductions and welcomes.

With kind wishes,

Aloka :hands:

30 Sep 13, 09:12
No worries :)

30 Sep 13, 20:32
Hi BennyBoy,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!