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22 Sep 13, 17:04
I need some help deciding on which book to get. Right now I am going through a tough time with a high risk pregnancy and would like to find comfort through reading during my time on bed rest.

I would like an 'easy' read that is straight forward. Right now I am between ordering two different books and would like the opinion of those who have read them already.

Which do you think I could benefit from most given my situation between the following two books:

The Places That Scare You by Pema Chodron
Solid Ground by Sylvia Boorstein

There are SO MANY books out there with such similar reviews it is tough to narrow it down. These are two that I have found but if you have a one that you think would be better please tell me what it is and why.

Thank you all so much!! :hands:

22 Sep 13, 17:23
Hi mobz907,

I'm sorry but I can't comment on the 2 books you've mentioned, because I haven't read them. Perhaps someone else in the group has.

I think its possible that you might find reading this little free book helpful. Its called "Finding the Missing Peace - A Primer of Buddhist Meditation" by Ajahn Amaro.


With metta,

Aloka :hands:

23 Sep 13, 11:53
I have read neither book. I personally like Sylvia Boorstein but would buy both books if you can. Regards ;D

24 Sep 13, 20:05
Sylvia Boorstein is definitely likable and wise.