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02 Aug 13, 08:45
I'm about to start some study into the texts of the buddha but I'm really clueless as to where is a good place to start.
I had a quick look online and didn't find anything helpful. I was wondering if anybody with a good understanding could point me in the right direction?
Is there a specific order these should be read in? A beginning? A collection I should read before moving on to more complex ones?

I currently have the majjhima Nikaya and am considering reading that through in order but I have absolutely no idea if it's the best place to start.

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02 Aug 13, 09:39
welcome Dan

I have made a list of suggestions as the link (http://www.buddhismwithoutboundaries.com/showthread.php?3747-Where-to-Start-with-the-Tipitaka&highlight=Veludv%E2reyya+Sutta).

As posted, the ideal place to start is the 1st three sermons. Then the Majjhima Nikaya is fine. (I will post more later).


element ;D

03 Aug 13, 04:07
Hi again, Dan

Most start with the Majjhima Nikaya, such is a wonderful collection of suttas, particularly exhibiting how Buddha interacted with others. Some groupings of suttas for starters are:

MN 61, MN 62 and MN 147, which are to Buddha's son, Rahula. In just these three suttas, can be found most of the Dhamma

Note: For the sake of clarity, in Bhikkhu Bodhi's MN, when the Three Characteristics are mentioned, it is more accurate to refer to the 'impermanent, unsatisfactory & not-self' (rather than BB's 'impermanent, suffering & not-self'). the English 'suffering' is accurate in the 4 Noble Truths but not in the Three Characteristics



03 Aug 13, 10:08
Hi Dan -

In my opinion the "right direction" depends a lot on the beginner's objective -- what you want to know or accomplish. For example, if you want to get a general idea (learn) about the Dhamma, then start your study with Dhammapada and Itivuttaka. If you aim at practicing the Dhamma to become a Stream-winner, then look for the teachings on the Four Noble Truths. On the other hand, a study on kamma and its fruits is great as a motivation to do good and avoid evils --and you may start it at any time!


03 Aug 13, 10:23
Hello and welcome, Dan,

The links given by Element are a good place to start, as well as the Majjhima Nikaya. I bought and began with the reading of the Majjhima Nikaya sutta collection myself.

(I also like the book "Anguttara Nikaya Anthology" selected and translated by Nyanaponika Thera & Bhikkhu Bodhi.)

With kind wishes,

Aloka :hands:

13 Aug 13, 05:22
Thanks everybody for the links and suggestions. Apologies for the late reply, I was expecting an email but I didn't receive one.

13 Aug 13, 07:21
Apologies for the late reply, I was expecting an email but I didn't receive one.

Hi dan,

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