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12 Jul 13, 19:39
Hey all,

I'm interested in starting with the Great Compassion Sutra practice and chanting the Heart Sutra. A friend, a Mahayana Buddhist Nun advised those two practices for me. I'm not an experienced Buddhist practitioner but I know of the various practices and basic Buddhism. Does anyone have any advice for me before I start my practice? Any input is welcomed :)


12 Jul 13, 19:58
I would say to practice the five precepts. Just do it mindfully, if you mess up, that's okay. You'll get better.

Just remember to take it one step at a time. And don't be stressed about it, otherwise it defeats the purpose.

12 Jul 13, 23:14
Thank you very much for that! I will most definitely follow your advice. :)

13 Jul 13, 02:21
My pleasure. But be sure to ask your teacher though. She shouldn't have a problem, but just to be sure. Every teacher is different though, and they usually know what is the most beneficial path.

13 Jul 13, 14:20
I was advised to follow the 5 precepts yes, you are quite right.