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08 Jul 13, 21:02
Hi! I am fairly new to Buddhism and am here because I would like to be able to learn more and connect with others. There are not many Buddhists where I live and most people I know act as if Buddhism is some sort of cult and think I have lost my mind. Sometimes it's just nice to be able to talk with others who understand. I was raised Christian but it just never really felt right. When I was old enough to move out on my own I abandoned religion because my own beliefs didn't seem to fit with anything I had ever known before. A decade later I found myself suddenly feeling pulled towards the local Buddhist temple and decided that I needed to learn more about it. I got in contact with them and took an "Intro to Buddhism" class. I was amazed that what I was learning about Buddhism matched up with everything I have always felt and believed. It just felt right. I feel like I have been Buddhist my whole life and just didn't know it. :peace: So here I am, wanting to learn more and connect with other like-minded people.

08 Jul 13, 21:22
Hello Whitetulip :wave:

Welcome to BWB, I hope you'll like it here!

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08 Jul 13, 23:09
Hi whitetulip

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


08 Jul 13, 23:38
Welcome to BWB, whitetulip!


09 Jul 13, 00:15
Thank you everyone!