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19 Jun 13, 13:10
Buddha was not a god - Kalu Rinpoche (3 minutes)

An excerpt from an interview.


Any comments relating to the video are welcome :hands:

19 Jun 13, 16:02
The logical Buddha, whom is only a man paved by experience has inspired me. "Fantasy Buddha", a fine line in which subconsciously I stayed on a safe side and excluded many good things in the process. That was ignorance on my part that I will no longer let inhibit myself to grow when logic entails. This video teaches something I can relate with, excellent post.

09 Jul 13, 11:56
If one would still be more interested in debating whether Buddha was God or not, how would one do what one is here to do ? I think he did a great job while making so much effort to help bring understanding. Lets focus on who we are now, and what can we be.

19 Sep 13, 17:14
Well in the Baha'i teachings Buddha is considered a manifestation... one of them so I would recommend reading some Baha'i material if you are interested on that perspective.