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Gin'iro ookami
27 May 13, 03:35
Hello. I'm from Orlando. I probably won't post that often since my parents know a little something about Buddhism and can usually offer guidance. Sometimes they cannot help me though, so I joined this forum so I could get a wider variety of advice when I need it. I hope to be a somewhat beneficial addition to the community :lol:

27 May 13, 05:11
Hello Gin'iro ookami :wave:

Welcome to BWB !

With kind wishes,

Aloka :hands:

27 May 13, 08:48
Hi Gin'iro ookami,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


Gin'iro ookami
27 May 13, 12:52
Nice to meet both of you :shake:

27 May 13, 22:15
Welcome Gin'iro ookami,