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19 Apr 13, 14:00
Good day everyone,

Yesterday I went to the doctor for a pre-surgery check. I am having a neck surgery in about 2 weeks.

I was wondering while the nurse took my blood pressure if I was actually cheating by meditating right before the BP check and during it. I have been able to lower my BP due to my meditation practice.

Being that I cant meditate all the time (not sure if thats even possible) I feel like I always beat the "high blood pressure monster".

First does this make sense and secondly does meditating prior to getting your BP check giving the doctors an accurate and valid reading on BP readings?

I am not looking for any medical advice or anything like that. I think its kind of a dumb question if you will but I have always wondered that. I have never had high blood pressure.

I ask this becuase the first noticable benefit I recieved from meditation was patience and calmness and I am sure that they affect my BP.

Thanks in advance ,


19 Apr 13, 14:19
I would suggest that it would more beneficial to your future if you would just let your BP be what it is.
I can't see any point in cheating the test it's there so the doctors can get an overall picture of your health prior to surgery.
If you want practice bringing your heart rate down get an app on your phone and cheat that, it'll be a lot safer in the long run.

Best wishes for your surgery

19 Apr 13, 20:42
Thanks Gary. I knew I was cheating. I cant help it. Maybe I need BP Ananomous.


19 Apr 13, 23:18
ohh, i know this one. Or at least i should. It is cheating a bit, but don't worry about it too much. No one should put too much stock into one-off blood pressure readings - there are so many factors that contribute to raising or lowering BP, a one-off doesn't say much. Trends are more important. Most important is consistency - offer the same arm, try to adopt the same position, and keep your mind in the same state. Then your doctor will look for trends.

22 Apr 13, 01:58
Here is a link to a related article on WebMD you may find interesting titled: Treating Hypertension 'Naturally'

It appears some physicans prefer meditation over medication when it comes to treating high blood pressure.

Empty Bowl
27 Apr 13, 11:23
Speaking as someone in the medical field, we also prefer exercise, good diet, taking care of yourself day by day.

I highly doubt that you cheated by meditating before your checkup! Being calm helps, but I can assure you that if there is a major issue with your BP, you didn't scam the nurse by meditating first. Doesn't quite work that fast, as in swishing your mouth with mouthwash to fool the breathalyzer.

Do you check your BP daily to establish a trend? We do in the hospital, but the average person does not. If you had a good BP during your check, it's probably where you are at, more or less. Celebrate!

I hope your surgery goes well. Keep meditating before the event, but do so to calm your mind and relieve the stress that goes along with surgery. We notice a faster post-op recovery on those with calm spirits as opposed to the panickers.

27 Apr 13, 17:05
Thank you everyone. I am like a 1965 Ford Mustang-I have a good engine but the frame is kind of busted up.