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04 Mar 13, 11:41
Hi all,

I have found this forum and I hope that this will give me some useful Buddhism insight.

I would like to share a short background about myself. From the age of 12 years old, I was very actively member of a local church where I attend their services at least 5 times per week. I saw myself as a devoted born again Christian. Things started t change from the age of 16 when I realised that I am gay. The church have forbidden this and to this effect, they have disown me and said that If i wish to remain as a part of the church community then I would need to rethink my sexuality once again.

From the age of 17 years old I have decided to leave the Church and stopped praying to god since then. If I am honest, I never felt a whole and there is always something missing.

I met a fellow buddhist and I fell in love with him and we came from a similar background and he really understood what I went through. (It was a young love type thing). however, the buddhist really interest me but I found it so hard to get into it, as I felt guilty for some reason for leaving the religion that I once knew.

I am going through some hard time at the moment with work as my responsibilities have become bigger and I have just been promoted to manager position with more responsibilities attached. My work and life balance is quite poor and the world is becoming much more 'noisy' place.

Once again my mind is drifting toward to Buddhism and I am here now trying to find my place and see if buddhism is the path for me. I visit a Buddhist centre in Manchester but as a Deaf person I felt that I could not communicate with the staff there. At that point I was at the lowest and wanted to be in the room where everything is still and 'quiet'

I am now living in Cardiff and not had the courage to visit the Buddhist centre in Cardiff. Once again the communication issues worries me a bit.

Sorry if i am rambling here a bit, just wanted to share this with you all.


04 Mar 13, 12:01
Hi deafjeff,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


04 Mar 13, 12:15
Hello Jeff :wave:

Thank you for introducing yourself and a warm welcome to BWB ! I hope you enjoy joining in our discussions here

With kind wishes,

Aloka :hands:

04 Mar 13, 17:00
Hello Jeff,
Welcome to BWB.

No, you are not rambling, you are giving a good background on yourself and your situation.
I hope that everything works out just fine for you mate.

I wonder if you have seen these sites before, if not i hope that its some help for you?:hands:



04 Mar 13, 17:12
This isn't directed to NotLostYet or Jeff .......but just a gentle reminder to everyone that this Introduction and welcome section isn't intended as a general chat area.

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05 Mar 13, 01:47
Hello deafjeff,

Thanks for sharing with us. Don't desperate. Keep visiting BWB. Here you will found nice members who can make the teaching more clear so to practice by yourself with very good results.