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29 Sep 10, 16:16
I dicovered this youtube video and found very informative, any comments?
Introduction to Zen Meditation: The Still Point (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9b4FbGlVSE#)

29 Sep 10, 21:57
Thanks Gary,

Certainly zazen is the most fundamental aspect of Soto practice. Zazen is the way to understand that "whatever you do in Zen you have to do it by yourself". Zazen is the actualization of "wisdom without a teacher". this aspect is what makes so special the relationship between teacher and student. A true teacher will never let a student to use the words of the Roshi. He never let us hold on him.

Other important aspect is that through zazen, body language gets a paramount importance. Body language is an important source of teaching more than intellectual discurses. The way you move, the way you eat, the way you listen to and talk with others are rooted in the gotten skills though zazen practice...


30 Sep 10, 15:10
Here's a video about Kinhin, can this be used when experiencing sleepiness during Zazen or only as a structure part of Zazen for example 20 minutes Zazen, 10 minutes Kinhin, 20 minutes Zazen?
With gratitude
Gary :hands:
a few directions for kinhin (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbUqcqq2zFM#ws)

30 Sep 10, 19:14
Thanks Fletcher,

As we can see, again, body language and body posture are of paramount importance so to keep a deep awareness so to keep awoke during the long zazen periods and even during our daily journey. At first, this Kinhin was so desperate low for me... that I used to crash at the back of the member at the front of me. :zonked: I was told to practice at home after zazen. I really felt very odd walking like that at home... with patience kinhin comes as a natural aspect between zazen periods.