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25 Dec 12, 14:52
Hy there! I have just registered on this forum - have always had an interest in - and attraction to - Buddhism, but lately I started to re-discover all Dhamma-related things.

I have a wide range of interests and I like being open to all kinds of discussion.
Since I am not really skillful at writing an ego trip, I would rather let my forum posts speak for me - instead of writing a marketing text about myself :}

25 Dec 12, 15:04
Hello from Austria

25 Dec 12, 15:08
Hello Nattefrost,

Welcome to BWB !

With kind wishes,

Aloka :hands:

25 Dec 12, 15:42
Thank you guys :}

27 Dec 12, 22:22
Hi Nattefrost,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


29 Dec 12, 15:55
Warm greetings to you.

I look forward to many discussions. I have always had an interest in Buddhism too and recently joined several groups in my area and now meditate daily.

Very good forum with great resources.