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09 Dec 12, 15:18
Hello, everyone ;D Thank you for having me.

My name is Ben. I am currently a Music Technology BA student from England, and an avid composer and producer. I adore Buddhism. I hope to eventually walk the 88 temple Shikoku Pilgrimage in Japan, among many other such things deeply steeped in this way of life (I would love to travel India and China to as many temples as I can find and learn from whoever is willing to teach).

After this Bachelors I intend to take a one year Masters in a similar topic to what I'm studying, but after that I am greatly considering taking a PhD in Buddhist Studies at the International Buddhist College (http://ibc.ac.th/en/) in Thailand. It's something I'm really thinking seriously about.

Specifically I am very into the Zen school, but I am always open to learn about everything.

But yeah, that's me I guess ;D Oh and for those wondering, 'CHEE' stands for Consciousness, History, Experience and Esotericism, which is a little community I run on Facebook of likeminded individuals relating to several areas of research. Anyone interested in joining, please by all means just say so!

Thank you again for having me. I look forward to meeting you all ;D

Oh, for anyone wondering, my avatar is an artistic representation of myself by a friend of mine :P

09 Dec 12, 15:27
Hi Ben

Thanks for introducing yourself and welcome to BWB!

With kind wishes

Aloka :hands:

09 Dec 12, 15:33
Hi Aloka! Thank you for your kind welcome, it's nice to be here :)

09 Dec 12, 21:15

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!