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Empty Bowl
09 Dec 12, 09:03
Hello to all! I'm a 50-something Canadian, living and working in the US, and not a newcomer to Buddhism but not a highly-experienced practitioner, either. I am in a small community where there is no access to the like-minded, so I read a lot of books from all traditions and look for answers from the more knowledgeable who share online.

I appreciate guidance from Zen and the older Asian traditions as well, and dabble in readings from all, but am not sure how they coexist together. I expect as I read here, a lot of my uncertainties will be settled...


09 Dec 12, 09:15
Hello John :wave:

Welcome to BWB !

I hope you'll like it here.

With kind wishes,


09 Dec 12, 21:15
Hi Empty Bowl,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!