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28 Nov 12, 20:11
Hi, everyone. My name is Shammi (nickname) and I am very interested in Theravada Buddhism. I've decide to make Buddhism my new way of life after years of being kind of forced into Christianity since birth. It never actually made sense to me, and after researching Theravada Buddhism, it feels more appropriate for me. I'm here to learn more about Buddhism, aside from what I've already learned, and I felt that this was a GREAT place to start.

I appreciate any help that I receive from anyone in advance.
Thank you. ;D

28 Nov 12, 20:17
Hello Shammi :wave:

Welcome to BWB, its nice to have you here!

Please feel free to ask our members questions in the Discovering Buddha's Teachings forum, or join in the discussions on the website in general.

with kind wishes,


29 Nov 12, 08:38
Hi :)diversity(:,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!