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20 Nov 12, 18:24
Hey there,

I decided this afternoon at work that I would look for a Buddhism site or forum.

I don't know so much about Buddhism, I have read books, listened to podcasts, audio books and watched youtube videos. I'm not so sure what I do and don't believe about anything really, all I know is that I've had horrible depression for a whole year now, my biggest problem during my depression has been constant and very obsessive thoughts about life and death, I've asked myself the same questions over and over and over again until the only thing I can do is sleep to stop thinking so deep. I have asked myself what is the point in looking good or making an effort if we all just die and no one will ever remember, what is the point in trying to be happy if when you die you won't exist to know you lived to know you weren't happy. I could go on and on but I won't bore you.

The good news is that I'm feeling a lot better now, I can listen to music again, watch films, go out with friends, listen to people without having to pretend I'm listening and even laugh and joke around.

So I decided to come and look properly into Buddhism while I'm in the right frame of mind and not just making decisions based on how bad I feel. I don't know what triggered the depression, I think the break up from my girlfriend could of started it and I think in a way the pressure of having a new girlfriend may have made it worse. I don't know, I'm not even looking for answers anymore, I just feel attracted to Buddhism and have a feeling it may help keep me on track.


20 Nov 12, 18:59
Hello havingalook :wave:

Welcome to BWB !

Thanks for introducing yourself. I think most of us have emotional ups and downs at some time or another in our lives and I'm glad to know that you're feeling better now.

Please feel free to ask the group any questions that you might have and members will answer according to their own experience and understanding.

with kind wishes


21 Nov 12, 08:34
Hi havingalook,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!