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17 Nov 12, 02:03
Hi my name is Gianfranco. I'm 16 years old, half Italian half Puerto Rican living in New York City. I have to my knowledge no ties to any oriental races but since i was a young kid my parents (and i when i got older) noticed i was deeply immersed in Asian culture, specifically Chinese-Tibetan. I've always felt close to those people and i don't know why so maybe that has something to do with what i'm going to say.

I'm confused religiously, sometimes i believe in god, sometimes i don't, same goes for Jesus. Sometimes i will pray when something bad happens but i know i don't really mean it. I'm not an atheist but i don't really believe in the main religions in my area (Catholic-Christian, Jewish, Muslim) even though i use prayers from all three sometimes its just really weird.

Anyway, when studying about Asian culture i came across the tie ins of Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism and was immedietly immersed, i want to badly study,practice, worship (i don't know what its called) those religions, ideologies etc. I don't know where to start though, do i just pronounce myself a follower of Tao, Confucius, Buddha? How do i practice it. I feel deep down like its what i'm suppose to do and will help guide me i just need help starting. Is this weird because i'm not Asian? I found this website and hope you guys can help me :). I don't know anything about all three.

17 Nov 12, 04:39
Hello and welcome Gian128,

My advice is to just take your time and slowly investigate the Buddha's teachings and possibly ask questions in our 'Discovering Buddha's Teachings' forum. Questions and discussions with other members don't normally take place in this introduction area.

There's a study guide at Buddhanet that you could possibly browse for a general overview to begin with:


Taoism and Confucianism don't usually come under the heading of Buddhism and so we don't study them separately here.

with kind wishes to you,

Aloka :hands:

17 Nov 12, 08:36
Hi Gian128,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!